Ekofi Capital

We are a startup studio that creates innovative companies.

We make SaaS projects, digital media companies and video games.

If you want to get your dream project, take a look at Ekofi Nova, our micro SaaS (MVP) creation service. If you want AI automation for your company, take a look at Ekofi Lyrae, our AI automation service.

Did you want to invest with us? Send an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or just to say hi, you can always contact us.

Our Culture

Purpose and Values

Create, fast and flexible. We give you the goal, you do the rest.

Vision and Mission

We believe in building a better software environment that makes better automation solutions for everyone. Building startups with real value is our mission.

Our projects

At Ekofi Capital, we give 7% of our revenue to Council on Digital Applications Organization for a safer internet.

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