The complete guide to micro Saas and how it can improve your business

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The complete guide to micro Saas and how it can improve your business

What is Micro SaaS?

Micro Saas is a new way of providing software as a service to customers. It's a subscription-based model where the customer can use the software for as long as they want and cancel at any time.

Micro SaaS Model

This model has benefits for both the customer and the provider. The customer gets access to quality software without having to spend much upfront, and providers get recurring income without having to invest in expensive licenses. or infrastructure.This model is a scaled up version of traditional software licensing.

SaaS apps are expensive, Micro SaaS is cheaper than them

With conventional software, a customer spends $1,000 up front to get access to the whole suite of tools and then pays $10 per month for maintenance or upgrades.The concept of "Software as a Service" is that instead of buying an expensive piece of software and being stuck with it for years, customers can choose how long they want to use the tool and pay only for what they use at any given time.Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that is licensed on a subscription basis, typically monthly or annually. It's an emerging form of public cloud computing and complements the traditional client-server model offered by Software as a Product (SaaS).

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