Why is open source Amazon not a good idea?

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Why is open source Amazon not a good idea?

Amazon is a very big & strong company

Amazon is a huge company and they are trying to take over the world with their products. But they are not just an online retailer anymore - they have expanded into the grocery business, cloud computing, and even the healthcare industry.

They are the rule makers of this game. The problem is not creating a new platform. You can already do this with apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, Webflow, and more. The real problem is that Amazon's user experience is very high quality and if you install a new "user experience" system, you probably won't be able to beat them.

It's not in the code, it's in the marketing. The same things will happen again: If you can't figure out how to market your products, what you do doesn't matter.

Things overlooked: Amazon makes your work easier

There is much that is overlooked. First, Amazon shows your products to its millions of users. This means advertising for free, you can allocate your advertising budget for yourself.

At the same time, Amazon's teams and warehouses make things much faster. From storage in warehouses, to transportation, to the user in every field, it is much faster.


Amazon respects user rights and business rights. Maybe this will not happen in your new system. You have to look at things objectively.

I think Amazon cares more about their customers than their businesses, but it actually saves you.

While the user who will have a bad experience may not buy a product from you again, thanks to this policy of Amazon, long-term relations with users are considered and you will be profitable again.


Like all companies, Amazon can have its faults (Pricing, especially for businesses). But I think most of the things businesses overlook are provided free by Amazon. And for the last time, code is nothing, you can't create Amazon's entire system of user experience in an instant. Some things need time.

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